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Service Items

Technical Energy

  • Mold Design
  • Forging Embryo Design
  • Forging Process Design
  • Forging Process Feasibility Analysis


Forging Equipment

  • S.P.S 5000 tons hydraulic press machine
  • BANNING 125 tons ring forging machine
  • Precision forging 2500 tons warm forging machine(FP2500G)
  • 2M Horizontal ring satin machine(D53KD-2000)


Mechanism Equipment

  • Horizontal band sawing machine
  • AMADA band sawing machine
  • Electric discharge machine
  • CNC milling machine


Quality Assurance Equipment

  • CONTURA_Three-dimensional CMM measuring bed
  • GE-IT-USM-36-200 Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Crystallographic microscope
  • Tantalum carbide furnace


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