Loyal Fidelity Aerospace Corporation

Loyal Fidelity Aerospace Corp., a high-tech forging company,is mainly producing aerospace and non-aerospace forgings. Its predecessor, Chen-Tech Taiwan Industries introduced precision forging technology from American companies and established a quality assurance system for aviation-grade standards. We have qualified to produce forgings for aviation, defense, nuclear power, machinery and transportation for 30 different advanced metals and alloys.

Company introduction

  • Chen-Tech Taiwan Industries (CTTI) was founded in 1983 originally for IDF/TFE1042 (USAF designated F125) engine forging parts.
  • CTTI forging knowledge and technology came from US companies: CTI and Wyman Gordon (WG is now under Precision Castparts Corp.).
  • In Dec. 2016 CTTI was acquired by Loyal Fidelity Aerospace (LFA) as a wholly owned subsidiary. One year later on Dec.31 2017 CTTI was formally merged into LFA as one entity.
  • In Jun. 2018 we were certified to AS 9100D, the international management system standard for aviation, space and defense industry.